Iracema Salad Bowl – Violeta


Dimensions: 37cm x 37cm x 15cm / 15" x 15" x 6"

37cm x 37cm x 15cm / 15" x 15" x 6"

Weight: 2.5 kgs / 5.5 kgs

2.5 kgs / 5.5 kgs

Elegance and legend intertwine in the Iracema Bowl by Omama, a piece that embodies the soul of the Amazon. Named after the iconic symbol of native beauty and purity from Brazilian lore, the Iracema Bowl's design echoes the gentle contours and natural grace of its namesake.

The Iracema Salad Bowl  is carved from reclaimed, FSC Certified Violeta wood, which is prized for its mesmerizing interplay of dark browns and purplish-reds, reminiscent of the rainforest's shadowy underbrush at dusk. The complex grain patterns swirl like the flora of the Amazon, creating a visual poetry that makes this bowl much more than a serving piece. It's a work of art, an embodiment of the enigmatic beauty that thrives in the depths of the world's largest rainforest.

In each Iracema Salad Bowl lies a commitment to preserving the Amazon's splendor and supporting the local communities that have stewarded this treasure through generations. It is not just a piece for the home but a fragment of a legend, offering a touch of the Amazon's timeless mystique to your daily life.

Caring for your Iracema Salad Bowl
Gently hand-wash with warm, soapy water after use and pat dry with a soft cloth. Refrain from soaking or leaving the bowl in standing water to protect its unique wood grain and shape. For an added layer of protection, periodically condition the wood with a food-safe mineral oil, massaging it into the surface to nourish and preserve its lustrous finish. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight, as these can cause the wood to warp or crack over time. With these simple steps, your Iracema Salad Bowl will remain a cherished part of your home.