Omama is reshaping the Amazon narrative, turning job creation into a powerful lever for forest conservation.

By providing over 500 local men and women with careers that align with the rainforest's renewal, we're not just offering employment – we're cultivating a community of forest guardians.

Our vision is to become a global leader in the manufacturing of sustainable high-end designer wood homewares as well as a recognized model for economic development and preservation in the Amazon.

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All photos © Araquém Alcântara


Years of sustainable wood processing in the Amazon inspired our Founder's vision: salvaging wood to fuel environmental stewardship and economic revival.

In a bold move towards sustainability, we are salvaging carbon-emitting wood waste to craft covetable designer homewares, addressing harmful aftereffects of deforestation while also setting a new precedent for conservation. 

Our innovative approach not only mitigates carbon emissions but also significantly contributes to both environmental conservation and the economic well-being of local communities.

We aren’t just recycling; we’re reinventing the economic landscape. Through the creation of exquisite, functional wood tableware, we're revitalizing the local community and nurturing the culture that breathes life into the Amazon.