Canopique Vessel - Muiracatiara


Dimensions: 15" x 15" x 7" / 37cm x 37cm x 19cm

15" x 15" x 7" / 37cm x 37cm x 19cm

Weight: 18 lbs / 8 kgs

18 lbs / 8 kgs

Perched gracefully in your living space, the Canopique Vessel is not just a marvel of artisanal craftsmanship; it is a bold statement of Omama's vision for a world where economic growth and environmental health are inextricably linked. Each vessel is sculpted from wood reclaimed from the forest floor, a resource thought lost, now repurposed with purpose and pride.

The vessel's rich, swirling grains, golden hues, and distinctive dark grain patterns paint a visual poetry of the rainforest's canopy — a tapestry of life, air, and vitality. Its organic contours and robust foundation invite not just admiration but interaction, a piece to be used and treasured, offering a daily reminder of the world's natural wonders.

 The name 'Canopique' reflects the vessel's origin story—a tribute to the Amazon's canopy, where biodiversity flourishes. It symbolizes Omama's dedication to elevating what others leave behind, both in material and in human potential. By providing dignified work that transforms discarded wood into elegant home essentials, Omama fuels a cycle of sustainable economic development that empowers local communities and safeguards the forest's future.

In your hands, the Canopique Vessel is more than an object of beauty; it is a vessel of change. It is a daily reminder of the harmony that can be achieved when we support a system where every action and every creation supports a greater cause—the prosperity of the environment and the people who rely on its bounty.

Care for it simply, with soft cloths and gentle washes, and it will age as gracefully as the forest it represents, a perpetual symbol of resilience and beauty.

Caring for your Canopique Vessel
To ensure your Canopique Vessel retains its beauty and integrity for years to come, a touch of tender care is essential. Gently hand-wash with warm, soapy water after use and pat dry with a soft cloth. Refrain from soaking or leaving the piece in standing water to protect its unique wood grain and shape. For an added layer of protection, periodically condition the wood with a food-safe mineral oil, massaging it into the surface to nourish and preserve its lustrous finish. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight, as these can cause the wood to warp or crack over time. With these simple steps, your Canopique Vessel will remain a cherished part of your home, a testament to sustainable luxury and artisanal heritage.